Oil on canvas

Collapse, 36x48inches.
 Bag Drip, 30x40 inches.

 Arched Passage, 30x40 inches.

 Burial, 36x48 inches.

 Cave Float, 30x40 inches.

 Infinite Pond-Space, 36x48 inches.

 Interior Passage, 30x40 inches.

 Overgrown Bridge, 36x48 inches

Reflection Crust, 30x40 inches.

Triangle Time, 30x40 inches.

Floating Passage, 36x48 inches.

Poplar Grove, 30x40 inches (in progress).


Painted silver gelatin collages

 Dusk Sky, 30x40 inches.
 Full Moon TV Melt, 30x40 inches.
 Green Glove Friend, 42x27 inches.
 Melting Castle Nightfire, 42x27 inches.
 Oceanside Night, 27x42 inches.
 Green Planetscape, 27x42 inches.
 Purple and Blue Orb, 42x27 inches.
 Spreading the Blue Dust, 42x27 inches.
 Womb Cave, 27x42 inches.
 Satan's Fork, 42x27 inches.
Stage Curtains, 27x42 inches.

Watercolor collages

 Three Blob Attack.
 Blonde in Rust Pool.
 Cowpoke with Blue.
 Bob Watt 1.
 Bob Watt 2.
 Bullet Hole Sky.
 Cowpoke Oval.
 Green Dress in Crudland.
 Orange Dress in Crudland.
 Angry Orange Girl.
 "Oh Why" Orange Gown.
 "Ooh" Red and Green Gown.
 Roy Rodgers vs. the Green Drips.
 Native Princess Circle Balancer.
Maid of Honor.
Buddies on Bridge.