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this person is making an artwork for crows on a snow-covered 1949 nash. when the piece is finished the crows will create a design in the snow with tracks and feces. when the snow melts some scratches on the rusty surfaces of the car will remain as a souvenir.


to do this one you get a bunch of deer antlers and hang them from a tree. might be able to get some from your neighborhood deer processor. sometimes they're sold as dog chews. put them higher than a dog can jump.


this person is making a piece where you sit and watch until the weed grows one inch.



this person is building a sheet-metal-sound-sculpture that blows around in the breeze. they're really sick of all the phallic-shit-sculpture they see on this blog. there is a pink rubber membrane that muffles the rumbling. but it's hard to keep it attached to the metal. the split black pipe that pinches it together keeps popping off. but at least it doesn't scare away the animals like the big phalli do.


this person is making tomato-tower-balloon-sculptures that dress up this barren, manicured landscape. apparently this is someone who doesn't know about the beauty of the lone sapling. obviously they didn't read what Ann wrote about a blotchy blob. Ann is a great writer who once got mixed up with crazy-manitowoc-types. buy her books!


this person wondered around until they felt evil-eye-presence (you get more of it when you're out there stark naked) and then used a small spade to make a word-art-piece on a mowed lawn. you can try this yourself (although i take no responsibility for engaging in illegal actions). wait until the ground is thawed though.


giant-cosmic-feces-form with a heart-shaped-portal occupied by a team of Fred Smith oxen. for whatever that's worth.


you think you're alone out there fly fishing but you're being stalked by this big-pink-naked-mystic-person.


an idea for a monument.

reminds us of this seldom-watched rock video we made about conventional wisdom.


wanted to try super-conventional just to do it. a study of hyw.42 where you once came upon a "windows may fog" sign.


here's one i made during the workshop we did on thurs. a quaint little winter scene.


an amish-doll-hood-ornament-beauty in a good looking ravine. too nicey nice, maybe? we did our first workshop at the Kohler yesterday, everyone made really cool altered postcards! we'll be doing it again tomorrow, dec. 15, at 2-4 pm.



horse-collar-elongated-toilet-made-of-old-meat-form hovering above a lake. if you find this kinda dirty and fun and that's a good thing you may want to check out this former students of ours blog. never saw that awesome missing persons video with the white bedsheets before. here's Fariha's real art. she is one of my favorite people of all time.


this is that thing where a radioactive war-of-the-worlds guy pops through your open window and licks your milk-glass-ware collection. you can have good, wholesome fun like this in real life by dropping by the Kohler Art Center in sheboygan and coming to one of the little workshops we're doing. here's a link.

a really ugly and vain big yellow cat in her bedroom. again, the altered postcard thing we're doing at the workshops. here's a link to a watercolor blog by Naomi, a former lawrence student. Naomi did one of my favorite student projects ever, critiquing the commodity culture cross-imperialism of KFC in an intimate, touching way. often i feel teaching is the biggest waste of a lifetime but when you start thinking about the good kids and how you can share your ideas and they can go further with them and contribute to the greater continuum of knowledge and all... it's quite a wonderful privilege.


think everybody might know a person who likes to get naked, strap on some deer antlers, and go out into the snow and get a little too friendly with some trees (might be you or me). this is the first in a series of altered postcards, building up to our workshops at the Kohler in sheboygan.


a clumsy little gouache of julie with her jagstang. she's creating a stringy, furry aura.

here's a video version, recorded just before julie's haircut.

here's an old seldom-watched rock video of rock video featuring a song where julie dictated most of the lyrics and recorded the original dummy track. she makes a brief celebrity appearance at the end.


the relationship of meat to ground and sky. barriers, openings as doorways to powers. commodity is containment.


just into the electric guitar as an architectural element. also daring to make a homely painting with primary colors.

a seldom-watched video from our blues years.


i was up for the challenge of the floral genre, to see if i could make it my own. this is some kinda moonflower.


so i was thinking about the agricultural landscape as the largest scar on this planet, human dominance issues, post-human life on earth. those ideas look like this? sorta pretty.


made this last night after we played guitars, which we do every evening julie physically can. she's been playing a jagstang, which is light enough that it doesn't create a super-lot of abdominal pain, but i wish i still had the virtually weightless 60s rick 330 i had as a kid for her. in this vision the music is making some spruce trees radiate.