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the chickens step through the paint troughs and make an evil eye painting with the help of the round feeder.


they're training hops to grow over this tensegrity wig-wam. the aroma can make you sleepy.


they thought the naked mannequin scarecrow would fit in with their style but it didn't scare the crows a bit. so they had to dig up some clothes and make a real one using an internet how-to.


their gallerist is always looking for more big paintings and these folks can get lazy about put'in-out. so they decided to pour some paint in roller trays and go at it cage/rauschenberg style.


you sit in the swing very quietly until a big buck starts eating the apples. then you slip onto his back and hang on to the antlers. more challenging than that silly bowhunting.





they're chopping roofs off of junkers to do drop city style shelters for the sheep.


somehow these blotchy blobbers talked the medical tourists, currently the greatest band on earth, into doing a private, clothing-optional performance at the compound. buy the LP! if you're totally unhip you could ask if it's coming out on cd.


it's a boat that they made out of a 1949 nash that they tow behind their 1949 nash.


it's low-impact water-skiing. you make skis out of some scraps of rigid foam insulation and get towed by human-power.


this person is making a self-portrait tongue-kissing a sheep with a rolleiflex camera.



they're sick of all the cutesy chainsaw art they see in the neighborhood and wanted to make something abstract.


this person is making potential-energy-audience-participation pieces. the viewer stares at the precariously placed bowling ball until it falls into the basket. tests your mental powers.


these folks are making giant paper sculptures out of sunflower stalks. they're chopping them up with an old feed cutter run off a hit-and-miss (this link is to the best hit and miss video ever). the pulping is being done in the base of an old concrete-stave silo. mesh silage covers are used as sieves. after using these in a big museum installation they'll feed them to the sheep.


when it was time for these folks to paint their new barn they took inspiration from viennese actionism. it's faster than using a brush and they were able to cut the latex barn paint 50/50 with goat's blood.


this blotchy blobber has gone plein air. the painting is pretty much the sign except that it's oil on canvas rather than enamel on plywood. so it's real Art.


when this person's best buddy hinted that a new wood toilet seat might be nice a full-on super-throne-seat response was in order. after perfectly eyeing-up the bowl contour this person will be doing alot of hand sanding to avoid nasty splinters.

a perfect time to revisit our hit song about our hot-rodded 1930s Kohler toilet. it features a whirlpool side flush and has been converted to a bottom filling ballcock.


this person is drawing pictures of pigs, on these pigs, using cattle markers. these hogs enjoy contemplating hyperreality. does their represented form simply imply tasty pork or is the complexity of their own individuality sum-up-able in a simple, expressive line drawing? is swine existence steeped in the modern or have they moved beyond, thinking of themselves as commodity-capital and consumer-citizen simultaneously? is the love they feel their own or just part of a greater force totally outside of their being?


it's a personal-polka-palace! everything you need to achieve uber-polka-happiness. these folks are dancing to the only prerecorded polka music you'll ever need...Romy Gosz on 78. just add a kingsbury kegerator and you're set.


these folks are cutting the roof off a 9-passenger wagon to make a fair-weather party car.


the minute this person was given an old airplane propeller they knew they had to make a pete (this link is to the greatest 3:56 artwork ever made clothed) whirligig. this really plays, although they used an encore rickenbacker copy rather than the real deal. it's being tuned to an open d.