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blue-green-mold-cloud forming above a radiant-hot-dog-form.

kinda reminds us of this classic seldom-viewed rock video we made a few years back.


feel like this quite often (this is not a plea for help though). maybe too t-shirt-graphic-like.


thought it might be time to do something seasonal here. here's a fleshy-orifice-form in a christmas tree field.

kinda reminds us of our semi-seldom-watched film/video of a rotating aluminum tree with a vintage pleasuring device, in glorious vintage youtube quality.
just finished this one. a fleshy-energy-tongue-form just hanging out.

a blotchy take on Edith Massey with some eggs. check out this link to see how beautiful she really was.


instead of doing "smeary sketches blog" i decided to sprinkle some in with the watercolors. i used to have a lot of apocalyptic dreams, where often the sky would split into two skies, but i never was really able to draw that. the horizontal tornado was a theme too, and much easier to draw. since julie hasn't been feeling well the dreams stopped, but i have this anxious feeling a little bit all the time.


here's a moldy oldie i found in a sketchbook. a gouache i made during a life drawing class. 2005? i know i was suppose to go around the classroom and erase the parts i thought the kids are doing wrong instead of doing this painting, but sorry, doesn't everyone know that the stupid teacher is going to give the exactly wrong advice and knock the talent out of anyone with potential? (by trying to "adopt their work to some old standard of what is right"-Bob Watt) i see Justine with her funky ponytail at the far right. super intense, amazing student. the skater kid on the left was good too. remember setting this up with a diffuser and black background to avoid the ugly multiple shadows from the spotlights. i am sure this was wasted energy but it made this little painting more dramatic.

here's a semi-seldom-watched film we made of JJ, a teacher that had a huge impact on me. JJ has just written a fantastic book on Warhol's films, The Black Hole of the Camera. oddly, it was mildly criticized for being too authoritative in its interpretations of artistic intent, but what i feel i really learned from JJ was that authority was mostly an illusion. we put this film together about five years before he did the book, so it seems weirdly prophetic with the warhol influenced flowers and all, but the warhol vibe was always a part of JJ. somehow my sitar playing seems less terrible here.


always was amazed at how a horse can shake its head and make the longest string of snot.

the jetstream is a most annoying and intense journey-form-object.

this seldom-watched rock video we made tries to go somewhere with this idea.

a bloby, blotchy take on ophelia.

a view into darkness. this is a crunchy one made with too much gum arabic.

this girl is adjusting her bunny-ears.

here's a seldom-watched rock video we made with nice footage of a wild bunny in our garden. sorry that the song is kinda crumby.

these things pump out electromagnetic radiation. could throw off your hormone balance.

please keep your shoes on (no matter how uncomfortable) if you see these blue-toe-biters.
this girl's pink slip matches the new red potatoes.


a single phallus in a phallus-forest displays an aura.

four earth-people check out a large earth-orifice.
a love-cloud forms over a cross-dresser and his pet pig-dog.

single-breast-form hanging out in a lovely pool at twilight.

reminds us of our seldom-viewed rock video about old guys fixing toilets.

a harmless double-funnel-cloud looms over hyw.12 northwest of madison, wisconsin.

a nausea-cloud hovers around a hot-afternoon-beer-binger.

kinda reminds us of our seldom-watched rock video about pissed-off-old-guys.  

it looks kinda pretty but you're getting swallowed by an infinite-tentacled-squid.

here's a seldom-watched rock video we made about getting swallowed. 

a tongue-form that has an orb-grotto-vibe when viewed vertically.

udder tornados terrorize a glacial-butt-hill with pink-sky-veins.

a vegan doughnut with a mammoth-eyed-tongue licks a miniature white pine tree.

reminds us of bowling with toilet paper, an idea from one of our seldom-viewed rock videos on youtube.
lake winnebago looms from ledge where hyw.151 descends to meet hyw.55.

nipple-caves nurse tree roots and float above an underground river.