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they bolted a recliner equipped with a racing harness to the roof of the station wagon.


they're making the healing soup. everyone's adding something. it's for someone who really needs it but all will partake.


truth on love rock. (in collaboration with Jimmy von Milwaukee)


unmasked. they are all the same truth-room when stripped of their varied wallpapers.


taking a break from carrot juicing to reenact the whipped cream album cover photo with carrot pulp.


it's a symmetrical-double-grave wisconsin-death-trip three-sisters-garden with tensegrity-trellis-headstones and a parabolic-blagdon-healer that uses magnetic tape. takes care of any demons that may be floating about.


they built a tensegrity wig-wam pollen-net dome over their oaxacan seed corn plot to keep it from crossing with the neighbor's genetically modified corn.


this crow knows that these transplants will be easy to pull up and may provide a tasty, partially-decomposed seed morsel.


this buck wants to be a pet. exchange all its love for food and shelter. the person is saying,"what kind of animal-whore are you! give up freedom to be a love-slave?"


this goddess-type brings you the knowledge of the ages all tied up in convenient brain-sized bundles. no need for any clumsy educational institution structure.