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the rock structure has a 10' f.l. lens built into the top and peepholes so you can see clouds projected onto the burrowing rodents that live inside.


it's a gravity-blocking device that uses magnetically-charged rocks to create a space of anti-gravity. once you get yourself up in it you can just hang there in a void, free from the clutches of the planet. a different sense of truth overwhelms the body, opening a path to nonexistence, the highest state of non-being.


the conical stone structure creates a void and the metal antenna releases any energy inside.



they used deep concentration to create a thought object that will move through time and space, silently altering ideas.


a new batch of doughy interns arrives all caught up in their phoney-phone world. this isn't like marina's compound where these things get collected in a basket. these phones are getting sawed-up and buried, and some good old analog art-making will commence.


this person made an aura sack out of weird energy and will release it in this stream.


using dowsing rods made from old golf clubs to extract darkness and restore their auras.


you bury a dead animal in clay with a pipe up against it. after you can't smell rot anymore you pour cement down the pipe. then you dig it up and see what you made.


this 1949 nash is getting covered in surface bonding concrete to make a replica monument 1949 nash.


it's a crazy wig party. the prairie grass and rose bush wigs are okay but the sheep carcass wig is the real winner. it is stuffed with helium balloons to give it buoyancy.



this is for testing your will to live. you make a deep mudhole to crawl in and light a fire over it. with sufficient will you can crawl out the opening, otherwise you breath in the smoke and let your body be disposed of in the mud and embers.


this is a sculpture you make between two spruce trees. you can use it in ritual dances. looks a bit like the creations of the cannibals at aztalan.


this art patron has commissioned a tintype portrait taken with a real clothing-optional performance-lifestyle artist.


here you dig a hole. dig until you can't anymore. then contemplate its infinite darkness. place part of yourself in the hole. innocence, visions of the future, hopes, dreams, baggage. fill the hole and forget where it was. live with what you have left, minute to minute.