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they're making humanure commodes for everyone they know. cutting off a bit of sewer pipe to glue on to a toilet seat, which will set snug over a 5 gallon food bucket. folks will bring back bucketloads of the feces/sawdust mixture that will be used to create the grand pyramids of humanure. after they rot for a year or two they may start a humanure-powered csa. your box of broccoli will cost you $50 plus a bucket of fully digested organics.


this person is countering the "eat me" idea with this decorated show hood. rather odd how they use these at clothing-optional livestock shows.


carrot propaganda painted over a soft drink logo at the local ball park.


this is a direct marketing scheme where the product becomes the sign. this guy will get tethered down by the highway.


this person made a mechanical duck with a motion sensor in front that allows it to nip at passerby's tails.


our own death jam band plays the blotchy sheep pasture. maybe we should be the grand phallus band? it's going over best with the sheep.

a more mellow death jam.


getting in on the kitty video craze. the feral cats at the blotchy blobs ranch are pretty hard to get near unless they're preoccupied with their favorite activity...tearing the entrails out of a freshly killed bunny!


it's a beets banner. beets are a super-food when oven-roasted. the person in this picture may be prone to beeturia.



this person keeps making this wacky roadside vegetable art. they use the strategy of the advertising world...identify the negative and make it a positive. and when you think about it, getting a little gassy once in a while is kind of fun.


these folks want to prove that rockabilly isn't all about fashion, so they started a clothing-optional trio. since even rockabilly strippers never take off their undergarments, this leaves them with only one style icon.


this artist wants to make work that changes everybody's ideas about food. by using counter-intuitive humor they feel they can make kids be less uptight about eating decisions, and help reduce the incidence of teenage anorexia. they also feel that they can raise the profile of good foods that aren't worthy of corporate endorsement.


it's a temple made out of two hollowed-out 1949 nashes. like a wisconsin version of cadillac ranch.


these folks were getting a little caught up in baudrillard's simulations and "the finest allegory of simulation", borges's cartographers. they thought they'd have more food if they made a full-size representation of their garden. sorry kids, it only works like that in the mind, man! then their art dealer stopped by and thought this would be a great expo piece. wanted it even bigger so it could cover the field in a sports stadium! folks will always be wowed by the big art.


this person is painting wisconsin death trip on an I-94 overpass just north of the illinois border. just did a project on wdt with the students...

alfredo did an awesome performance here. this segment may be the best sound piece i've ever contributed to.

here's renee's fox dance. this was a bit of a social experiment. two screens facing opposite directions with chairs set up. organized student disruptions. my kind of normal music, but to most folks weird-ass sounds, coming from the middle of the room. people stayed glued to the screens, man!


it's a sculpture of george segal in the style of george segal. it's suppose to help keep the foxes and racoons away from the chickens. but what mostly happened here is that mastering a classic sculpture technique really helped this artist gain confidence in all of their artmaking activities. plus it was something to do with the old wire net laying around the coop.


this is the coolest artist. this person gets naked in nature and then spins around and takes pictures with the holga camera. the blurry, uncomposed pictures reflect the fugitive powers of the natural world. nobody really gets very engaged with any of the images beyond proclaiming "this one is cool", but everyone knows this person is the best artist.


they're getting interviewed as some sort of swinging nudist artists. they're telling how that isn't really how it is. it's about the blank white canvas, the block of marble... but then freed from that and all other cultural baggage. there is no option but to perform all Art making in the raw. it is not nudism.


this person is filming themselves making a circle. they also have an reg8mm handlebar camera.


they built a shallow tensegrity wig-wam, flipped it over, and set up a tee-pee form in the center. it has gourds and morning glories growing on it. makes kind-of-a parabolic flower-power shooter.