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they let me in to sketch this process. looks like some sort of torture device. for the orthopedically challenged it really is.


these militant nudists are taunting the lutheran bible camp kids.


getting up onto yet another of this state's very handsome rocks.


the view from the waiting room of the downscale pain clinic, which is closing this week. with apologies to caroline swiszcz. and what is the deal with pet smart? not that a kitty or puppy or an obedient duck can't make my heart melt but is there really anything smart about imprisoning a living creature for personal pleasure?


the blob is saving a jesus-martyr-type from self-crucifixion on the jesus-barn.


taking up with a blob after tiring of the rock. 
exit the blob.


a domestic blob-family situation.
made this artwork at age 19, could have just stopped here. recently excavated from a trash bag in my parents barn. the stim-U-lies were in between the creeps and hollywood autopsy.



a sorrow-pit/womb-cave you can dive right into, in a garden setting.



didn't expect to find this while i was trolling through our negs. a self-portrait documenting my last gasp of hand-painted/silkscreen fashion, circa 1994. of note is the $5 price tag, a special for the artslut fanzine launch event. would have been more like $70 or $90 on consignment at sweet doomed angel.


wrasseling with some kinda blob in a framework-type structure.


we stayed here 15 years ago or so. swam in a pool along hwy.12 at twilight. we were not blessed with a blob sighting.