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here's a moldy oldie i found in a sketchbook. a gouache i made during a life drawing class. 2005? i know i was suppose to go around the classroom and erase the parts i thought the kids are doing wrong instead of doing this painting, but sorry, doesn't everyone know that the stupid teacher is going to give the exactly wrong advice and knock the talent out of anyone with potential? (by trying to "adopt their work to some old standard of what is right"-Bob Watt) i see Justine with her funky ponytail at the far right. super intense, amazing student. the skater kid on the left was good too. remember setting this up with a diffuser and black background to avoid the ugly multiple shadows from the spotlights. i am sure this was wasted energy but it made this little painting more dramatic.

here's a semi-seldom-watched film we made of JJ, a teacher that had a huge impact on me. JJ has just written a fantastic book on Warhol's films, The Black Hole of the Camera. oddly, it was mildly criticized for being too authoritative in its interpretations of artistic intent, but what i feel i really learned from JJ was that authority was mostly an illusion. we put this film together about five years before he did the book, so it seems weirdly prophetic with the warhol influenced flowers and all, but the warhol vibe was always a part of JJ. somehow my sitar playing seems less terrible here.

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