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a really ugly and vain big yellow cat in her bedroom. again, the altered postcard thing we're doing at the workshops. here's a link to a watercolor blog by Naomi, a former lawrence student. Naomi did one of my favorite student projects ever, critiquing the commodity culture cross-imperialism of KFC in an intimate, touching way. often i feel teaching is the biggest waste of a lifetime but when you start thinking about the good kids and how you can share your ideas and they can go further with them and contribute to the greater continuum of knowledge and all... it's quite a wonderful privilege.


  1. You just made my day. Thank you for the link and the incredible compliment, it means more than I could possibly express. - N

  2. Awwww you guys! I want to come back to Wisconsin to visit all of you again. I will take this opportunity to tell y'all about this blog Jenna Fitton, Nick Stahl and I have been lazily maintaining for the past couple of months. It's called Bitch Cunt Slut Life.

    I am kind of in love with this blog and follow your painting-musings religiously.